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Martin Hawksey

We are very pleased to have Martin Hawksey and Nico Miceli present for us via Google Hangouts on air as part of our LTIF project. Martin is the Chief Innovation, Technology and Community Officer for the Association for Learning Technology in the UK. He has held various advisory roles within the UK educational technology sector for a number of government-funded services. In these roles, he has supported staff in the exploration and adoption of innovative approaches to teaching and learning and has enhanced ways in which members connect. This has included developing and using analytics to provide staff and members with data informed insights.


Nico Miceli

Nico is a Technical Analytics Consultant for Team Demystified in the US. He works on Global Adobe Analytics Implementation for the Amway Corporation and manages the analytics on the SMB Marketing Team of Google. He is also a Google developer expert and writes custom JavaScript to track behaviour.

Traffic analysis tools for websites are well established with Google Analytics reportedly having the majority market share used in over 80% of websites with tracking enabled. As the internet and web technologies have evolved so has the functionality of traffic analysis tools going far beyond pageviews enabling cohort analysis, acquisitions and conversion reporting, and more. A more recent development is the emergence of Learning Analytics which focus on “the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimising learning and the environments in which it occurs“. Given the proportion of learning and teaching that now occurs online this session explores how Google Analytics can be used for Learning Analytics. As part of this we cover Google Analytics tracking and integration techniques including how Google Analytics can provide custom reporting and enable actionable insight.

When: Wednesday 4th November, 9:30-10:30 am (Australian Eastern Time)
Where: Building 80, level 2, room 3 (and via Google hangouts on air)

You will also be able to watch the presentation via Google Hangouts on air. You will be provided with details after you have registered.

Academics, professional staff and students are all invited to attend.
The presentation is free. To register go to here.