Here is an interview with Dave McLay who recently joined the college of Design and Social Context advising on data and analytics. He has been working in and around RMIT’s Business Intelligence (BI) community for quite some time and  has some insight into where it’s up to and where it’s headed. Here he is sharing his thoughts on Learning & Teaching data and all things BI.
RMIT has many systems generating and collecting data, but until relatively recently that data was gathering dust. Dave believes we have an obligation to use this data if it can be of benefit to students. His preferred description of Learning Analytics:  “Collecting traces that learners leave behind and using those traces to improve learning.”  E. Duval & K. Verbert (2012)
The challenge then is to do this in a constructive and transparent way; and we need to sort out the issues of ethics, privacy, and the individual’s rights over their data.